Workington Reds will play in Northern Premier League sponsored by Betting App Store


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There is nothing left to say except for our best wishes to Workington Reds – the team, the players, the couch, the great medical staff and everybody, who`s doing his or her best for the great game! Thanks to Coral sports bookmaker and the good will of Northern Premier League will see the Workington Reds boys in a real game finally. Let us wish them success and great victories. They do deserve them and they do need our support. Well, we are here to give it to them by all means! We are here to offer them our applauses and we will hope Workington Reds will become even greater and will reach amazing success that they deserve to be part of!
Go, go, go Workington Reds! We are right behind you! Give your best in Northern Premier League again! The sweet victories are just beginning for you, guys! Make us proud with you and make us scream for you on all of your next matches! Keep playing football…!